50–100 lengths of string
each length 1 mile long
buried 3 feet below the earth’s surface
each length a separate beginning
each length a separate ending
meandering into separate paths
all beginnings and endings exposed
above earth’s surface.[1]
[1] Barry Le Va, Network
In the morning when the back of your eyes is a little sore, you add an ice cube to your morning coffee. The temperature of the teacup is dropping by one degree, which will now warm the earth by two degrees above pre-industrial temperatures by the middle of the century. You're so impatient that you can't even let the coffee cool on its own, you open your mailbox and pull the screen down before you even put the cold coffee on your lips. Various advertisements and some news are pouring down faster than the viewpoint fixed to the bottom of the screen, and they quickly take the top spot. Every day, billions of people are pinged like this with a slightly delayed morning every minute.
Every click and keystroke creates a piece of data backed up by a physical server that requires 24/7 power and cooling. About 2% of the global carbon footprint comes from data centers. Data centers are an industry that grows every year. There are approximately 18 million servers deployed in data centers worldwide.
You hop into transport to pour your hours of daytime in front of a boring screen. As soon as you sit down, you quickly move your gaze to the relatively small screen. If there's any difference between a boring screen and a fun screen, it's only in scale. Moving from one place to another in the city. You're being pinged while your vehicle spews black smoke clouds of fossil fuels.
Only 1% of global internet and mobile traffic comes from satellites. More than the remaining 99% are transmitted via submarine cables. Until 1998, subsea cables accounted for 27% of satellite traffic and the remaining 73%, but when broadcasting international broadcasts using satellites, the satellites often freeze or cut off due to uneven conditions, so the submarine cable was selected again.
Computers don't work well in environments like those inhabited by humans. Subsea environments may be able to preserve data centers from corrosive oxygen, moisture, and bumps. Since 2014, Microsoft has been working on the Natik Project, which makes data centers in the shape of submarines and puts them into the sea. The project is based on the radical hypothesis that seawater can cool the heat consumed in the establishment and preservation of data centers, thereby reducing electricity consumption.
A relatively small Phase 1 prototype was placed in the calm, shallow waters off the coast of California. It was a mass packed tightly in steel cylinders to withstand the uneven tides of the icy North Sea filled with dry nitrogen. After 105 days of operation and simulating its feasibility, the current phase 2 is focused on studying whether it is also practical in terms of logistics, environment and economics. In Phase 2, MS collaborated with the Naval Group, a French industrial group specializing in naval defense and marine renewable energy. They led the design and manufacture of ships. One of the ship's key design specifications was to get the approximate dimensions of standard cargo containers used to move supplies by train and truck to optimize existing logistics supply chains. As initially planned, the Naval Group used a heat exchange process commonly used to cool submarines, circulating seawater through pipes inside and outside the data center past radiators at the back of each server rack and venting it back into the sea. Through this kind of prototyping experiment, they aim to finally build a standard subsea data center model that can be manufactured and deployed.
But every time you put anything into the ocean, a process called biofouling occurs. A coating of microscopic bacteria appears within a few days and the organism clings to the coating. Tiny organisms increase the ship's frictional resistance, slowing it down. Therefore, it increases the amount of carbon dioxide generated by the ship. A lot of effort is being made to control the rate of formation of organisms and organic matter attached to ships such as seaweed, barnacles, and sea anemones. The saying that the data center can serve as an artificial coral reef that attracts fish by submerging it in water, thus increasing biodiversity, gives the rationale for the construction of an undersea data center. The encroachment of tiny organisms and the coexistence of giant ships, a positive prediction that even if a data center in the form of a ship dissipates some heat, it will not be sufficient to heat the surrounding water. “This is a similarly common phenomenon found in submarine power cables. There is only negligible warming.”They see underwater data centers as an add-on to providing environmentally friendly services to their customers rather than as a replacement for onshore data centers.
Depending on the size of the aquarium, the fish stop growing. But it grows inwardly. Division and proliferation. It seems to stay still, but the growth inside is unstoppable. Large and heavy objects yield large and heavy processes. The process entails costs. For example, a group of people will have to lift it or make room for it to be placed, it will need an organization or institution to take care of it, and it entails the cost of maintaining the technology and infrastructure to support its value. Likewise, large places sometimes tend to grow things. But if it can be anything of any size, it can be said that it has no power. It does not meet the needs and positions of any institution or business, so it is not invited from anywhere. People are generally favourable, but as a result this voice can't pay anything.
Suppose there is a man who is falling. This man looks back. At what point was his death confirmed? He goes back and forth. When he asked for coffee, the flight attendant asks if it meant Coke. When you ask for coffee again, the flight attendant hands you a Coke. He decides to consider that's just because of the mask. By asking with a soft smile 'chicken or beef' as many times as the number of seats so usually 500, she arrives at a new land. Had he been dead from the time he swallowed up his displeasure? The body was shattered with the explosion and fell to the floor after a few seconds, but nothing has changed from the moment it was torn into fibers from the very first place. No matter how much we consider the existence of the soul, its persistence, and the timing of the judgment, if it can't converge into one huge mass, wouldn't it be a useless debate in the end?
As long as the rabbit hole continues, what kind of reversal can occur even if its diameter changes and the distance between them changes? You can look back, but you cannot walk out. No, you should look up rather than looking back. It's just as one-sided as looking out at a neighbor's house and the scenery through a window, or sitting down on a sofa and receiving news about all kinds of cultural events taking place in foreign countries. Because it is only pulled by gravity. Vents must be corridors, not slopes or falling paths. It should be a bundle that is drilled in both directions, so that each end is a beginning and leads to a different path.
Who's shouting out loud like this? It's easy to talk about things that haven't happened. It is because the shallow dried out reality stands out only when you keep creating justification like that. Confession here is very cozy and nice. But it would be more perfect without the giggling ladies outside this vent.
Steel pressure vessels, heat exchangers, servers and all other components are recyclable. All impacts are offset by buoyancy. After all experiments are completed, the underwater environment will be restored to its original state. All component materials for the subsea data center have been selected for the recycling process at the end of the data center's lifespan.
After the second phase of the experiment, it took a full day to get rid of the marine life that had stuck to the underwater data center that came to the surface. Filled with heat and gas from sealed server equipment filled with nitrogen, the interior was surprisingly clean. This is because nitrogen is less corrosive than oxygen. There were also some malfunctions and breakdowns, but compared to terrestrial data centers, the failure rate is 1/8 level.
Following the current phase, Microsoft will soon enter the third phase of the project, which will focus on further research and validation of the server's lifecycle.
Like a robot arm in a factory that runs all night when workers on the ground turn off the lights and go home, a data center will continue to run for a lifetime of about 10 years. it works flexibly when no one is there.
A characteristic that is supposed to be global becomes another local thing and becomes very bloated. Before proceeding with the endlessly expansive hypotheses, let's take a look at the box we're in. We are clearly under the influence of gravity, and we live on Earth, not Mars. A hemispherical sky is above the ground on which we stand, and we breathe in air. It also belongs to the Earth's biosphere, which has self-regulating features. Putting aside the discussion of the hierarchy in which humans are located, it is clear that we are at least part of the Earth. Of course, if we don't bring in external factors, then resources will be exhausted and everything will boil and bloom in a haze, but if everyone blows the trumpet in the face of an impending crisis, the world will be full of noise and only the deaf and the blind will have a constructive labor force. "Everything is connected." "Anything can happen." “Everything is shared and everyone can participate.” This versatility is broken when we face it as built-in beings. Global communications that allow everything to connect and reach anywhere cannot flow without logistics systems such as roads, bridges and dams. Therefore, the country pours huge investments into global telecommunications and its infrastructure.
Why can't I trust you more now than the time when I didn't know you?
Exploit her thirst, her dissatisfaction that can't be fulfilled. She is curious, but at the same time cautious.
It's not enough to attach technical terms to this music, and if I add something ignorantly, it's just a drop of water on paper. Water drips on the letter and smears the ink. But it's not dirty or messy at all. I can't find any unpleasant point. Just like a doll made of sugar, like a bride and a groom made of sugar, they smile as decorations. Cause they live in a sanctuary built on the norms they feel proud of.
When the poverty of which we had been persistently fantasizing came to pass, lying under the grimy musty bed, I felt an endless sense of responsibility and guilt. That such a feeling has been revived to this day, presenting a pain that will never be accustomed to. Even if we pack the perfect, flawless kit for our vacations and head out to a remote vacation spot with the best of both the mountains and the sea, it won't be much of a different story.
I want to die over and over again, so I hang my body naked in his arms. My limbs are so long that they stick out of his arms. Weary of our weakness, I suggest him to move to a seaside city. Still, Earthworm chooses the cheapest, sticky, windowless room that suits him. The hallways are full of old men winking their eyes whenever they pass by. After three rounds of the slanted wall, the shore was a ten-minute walk away, and now the child could swim and bask a lot. However, I never once participated in the water play. The split and differentiated streams of water inside me were stabbing each other's lands and crossing each other's land, trying to somehow flow according to the providence. and suddenly he appears, casting a large shadow on it, squeezing and left giant footprints. If there is a fist in the legend of the founding of an island nation that prevented the flooding of the embankment surrounding the country, then in his case, there was a kind of dynamic of pulling out the fist and bursting out the stream.
An unidentified car is parked in front of the house for too long. No one gets out or enters the car. All the mail coming home has been opened and resealed loosely with cellophane tape.
One way to hide suspicion is to induce paranoia through sporadic but intense persecution. Because the way doubt attacks you pays off at random. Intensity rises like a haze based on a weave of sporadic phenomena and the causality that precedes them. It takes the form of certainty. Its hands can reach as slowly as doubts. The magical beast of authority loses its weakness and becomes ugly when it acquires a fixed position based on factors such as gender, the relative degree of aging, or temporary mastery. It is pickled and stuffed in chemicals to prevent the growth of microorganisms, and then fixed with pins. Whether it was accidental or a blindly admirable tactic to avoid adverse circumstances, it presupposes the loss of the possibility of sublimation and rebirth.
The exit hole is blocked.
Blinds cannot be rolled up.
The grate cannot rotate.
Wrinkles made of brand-new material lose their special function.
Now, trying to create a bright atmosphere by adjusting the lighting in the room or trying to reverse it with half-cast shadows will not work.
The sunlight reveals the texture of you and her skin, and the open pores.
She leaves her seat without delay.
The phone screen starts to press strangely, and the bill is charged twice as much as usual.
When you call Telecom, the agent squeaks in response to laughter.
One day, while walking through a historical brothel in Kyoto, I thought that the entrances to the houses there were very strange.
They were all hinged doors, but they were closed so that not a single ray of light leaked out. I could really feel the scent of a craftsman with a long history from the high-quality materials and the surface treatment of the wood that was sanded at an appropriate level to prevent the thorns from sticking out. Around it, well-groomed saplings lined up like miniatures, and thin, spiky, dark green leaves seemed to be freshly loved with moderate moisture. And above all, if you stop and look inside, you can't see the inside because of the slope of the comb. Ah, the sweetness of exclusivity! If you look past it as if squinting, you can only see the inside glimmering. And anyway, I couldn't figure out whether it was a person or a piece of furniture or a silhouette like that. But this wall was not like a curtain or a screen for a play. It was clear that there were household items inside, so I could clearly see someone was living there. If this is the case, who on earth would have the courage to push through the door? It only caused jealousy.
A wet beast approaches and licks my ankle. I quickly withdraw the startled feeling for fear of kicking it with my feet. Before that, almost unconsciously, I raised my head and looked around in search of the dog's owner. Why not do that with humans?
In addition to social affiliation and status, everyone has an object of personal devotion. A secret collusion willing to give up a sweet resting place. The owner of the winged pond that casts fresh shade.
I am stunned when I receive a rose as a gift to celebrate Valentine's Day. A rose grown in a greenhouse in the Netherlands and brought on by an airplane emitted 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.) of carbon dioxide. A single rose carries that much responsibility.
Because the world was so noisy, a friend of mine bought a giant fax from overseas, took it out, and lived for a few days in a huge paper box.
Since the rent got cheaper as he got closer to the hillside of the scenic city, He lived on the top of the hill and there was no public transport or car there. If he had asked for help inside the cardboard box, no one would have climbed up the hill to rescue him.
So, a few days later, he got out of his castle on his own feet and folded it back to separate it out.
As part of a new and renewable energy policy in a coastal city, a local government visited every home and installed tilted solar panels.
“When the sun is up and the wind blows, the city will work harder” was the government's ambitious operating strategy.
Grandmothers weave peppers under it and dried them.
This is because a place that is shady and well ventilated is the perfect place to dry the peppers.
There was a shoe store on the second floor of the crumbling hall.
I can't remember how I got to this building, but I think I lost interest while trying to stop by the store on the first floor.
You don't have to fill in all the blanks suffocatingly, but you do need to make up and slurp out of the smell of dirt to be plausible.
When I went up to the second floor, an old shoemaker was hiding a collection of old shotguns. Even the reason for noticing this is even more ridiculous. There was something like an insidious hole in the moldy wall with posters and wall decorations. Looking into this hole, the space twisted and converges like a submarine. I could see the colors passing through the hole, but the hole was so small that I couldn't see the surrounding landscape.
The old man proudly explained to me that pulling the trigger here would shoot the ankle of someone passing by a certain stripe of a certain crossing located on a certain corner of a certain street..
When that happens, this person collapses, his cars stop, and the traffic police arrive in minutes. Passers-by are struck by the conscience of the moment and look at him with pity, but that is only for a moment. A commotion is only remembered as a commotion, not an action play.
What's more, the main character just gets hit by a bullet from somewhere and collapses.
So, when that happens, the world needs one more pair of shoes, and therefore, a visitor like me comes to this hall.
All of a sudden, I was stunned by the swift movement of the old man who pours tea and gives me special treats while calling me "reserved guest", his feather-light gestures and strong convictions.
..and Ping, half of the world's population lives within 200km of the coast. In this experiment, which started with this in mind, it was confirmed that if the data center was located near the shore, the physical distance could be reduced and the transmission speed could be improved.
Effective strategies will take shape in developing countries and in anarchic regions such as the polar regions.
you shallow fakes, missionable slugs
meet me at a corner, tap my shoulder
and forget me, to forgive me not
forgive me, to forget me not
gently break the threshold
to know the answer while staying still unable to mark it