Project Hashtag 2021

What's happening? After New Order... borrows the default question on Twitter, the platform the use of hashtag was first introduced, to examine what is happening today around the World Wide Web. Although the web initially claimed to be open, sharing, and participatory, the original purpose of it is not being maintained and even expanding the inequity depends on the users' condition. In the core of it, there are big platforms that limit users' autonomy by making it a passive and exclusive space. This issue does not stay internal but is also harming the external world. In operating the web, numerous data centers are running 24/7 to process data while emitting heat and greenhouse gas emissions. Web users overlook the physical presence of the data and its effect on the environment. After New Order... explores problems both from the ethical and environmental perspective by questioning through seven projects in forms of website, installation, workshop, and publication.

Seven projects on what's happening on the Web
Various events related to the exhibition
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